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Radical Generosity for the Real World

Generosity is a way of living, not simply an act of giving.

a real-world experiment in generosity

In September 2014 LaSalle Street Church handed out $500 checks to its congregants, with the instruction to do God’s work in the world. This was a real-world experiment in generosity.

Love Let Go: Radical Generosity for the Real World is the story of these real people experiencing real freedom. And repeatedly that freedom began with small hesitant steps of generosity that became a way of life.

While it is the story of one church, it is the larger story of generosity and its potential when unleashed by you, me, and everyone else inhabiting this divinely and beautifully created planet. It is the story of loving and letting go.

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On Our Minds

Do not fear

Fear can stop us from living generously. Fear is the the theme of Laura’s recent Wake-Up devotionals, which will post weekly the next five weeks. Read the first here.

For quiet reflection

Do you have a giving strategy? Being strategic with your philanthropy, especially now in a time of great need, allows you to make the biggest impact for the kingdom. Pray through these questions from The National Christian Foundation to get you started.

A way for kids to give back

Looking for ways to engage your children or grandchildren in generosity? Send Valentine’s cards to isolated or homebound seniors in your church or neighborhood. Or get crafty with Kits of Kindness, which let kids create handmade gifts to donate to someone in the community to spread joy. Even little ones can practice letting love go!

The Myths of Mammon

Listen to Laura’s sermon “Blessed are the Prosperous…?” from The Myths of Mammon sermon series at LaSalle Street Church.

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