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Radical Generosity for the Real World

Generosity is a way of living, not simply an act of giving.

a real-world experiment in generosity

In September 2014 LaSalle Street Church handed out $500 checks to its congregants, with the instruction to do God’s work in the world. This was a real-world experiment in generosity.

Love Let Go: Radical Generosity for the Real World is the story of these real people experiencing real freedom. And repeatedly that freedom began with small hesitant steps of generosity that became a way of life.

While it is the story of one church, it is the larger story of generosity and its potential when unleashed by you, me, and everyone else inhabiting this divinely and beautifully created planet. It is the story of loving and letting go.

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Ami on WHMP radio

Listen to Ami’s interview with Bill Newman on WHMP in advance of a visit to the Odyssey Bookshop in South Hadley, MA.

Watch Laura and Ami on television Feb. 6

Watch Pastor Laura and Ami Campbell’s interview about the Love Let Go experience, appearing on “Significant Insights” on Tuesday, Feb. 6 at 9pm CT. The TLN show can be streamed live online by visiting and clicking the “watch online” link; you may also see the show on Roku, Android TV, and Amazon Fire; Comcast channel 138 in the Chicago area; in the Bay Area, on analog channel 68 and digital channel 47 and on Comcast 25, Dish Network 68, DirecTV 68, AT&T 25, San Bruno Cable 15, and Google Broadband in Sanford 25. If you miss it Tuesday evening, you can catch it when re-broadcast the following day, Feb. 7, at noon, or the following Monday, Feb. 12, at 8:30am. Once it is posted to YouTube (approx. three weeks after initial airing), we will add a link here as well.

“Renewed hope in the human spirit”

From the recent review of Love Let Go in the Green Bay Press Gazette, “Although the focus of the book is on the church and decisions made by the congregants, this title does dive into the science of generosity and ends up with more depth than expected. Readers will be left with a renewed hope in the human spirit and thoughtfully questioning what they would do if they encountered a similar situation.”

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